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The true cost of school shoes

Treads School Shoes are the least expensive school shoes because they last so much longer than other brands, according to a recent survey of 1,184 UK families.

The true cost of schools shoes must of course consider how long they last. So this survey asked parents: which brand of school shoes they buy, how much they pay for them, and how long they last.

The 1,184 answers make it possible to calculate the average cost of school shoes per month. Here are the results:

10 magnificent mum bloggers

Mums know best and there’s nothing more comforting than chatting with like-minded mothers about our parenting wins and fails. That’s why the mum blog is still such a popular phenomenon. 

The best mum bloggers make us laugh and make us (good) cry. They offer practical advice on everything from nappies to name calling, and provide creative ideas to help us just about juggle it all. Here are ten of our favourites for you to enjoy.

How to keep kids entertained this summer (part 2: away)

School holidays are easier and happier for everyone when it’s sunny. If our changeable weather has got you planning a family trip abroad this summer, we’ve got some great recommendations from some of the best family travel bloggers in the UK.

This is the second of our posts on keeping the kids entertained over the summer. Part 1 was full of ways to keep children happy at home. Here we’ll dive into the best family holidays abroad.

Bon voyage!

How to keep kids entertained this summer (part 1: home)

The final half term of school is upon us. Just six short weeks, and then school’s out for the summer.

If you’re wondering how to keep the kids entertained for a month and a half, then our roundup of the best UK parent blogs has plenty of ideas. In fact, we found so many great summer activities online, we decided to split the post into two parts.

Part 1 (what you’re reading now) is full of ways to keep children busy at home. Part 2 (to follow) has tonnes of ideas for family holidays abroad.

Happy reading!

10 of the best UK dad bloggers

father and child filming a video

Do you encourage your kids to be outdoorsy and active? So does our company founder and father of three, Simon. When he got tired of his childrens’ expensive school shoes falling apart, he decided to design his own. Based on hard-wearing footwear worn in the construction industry – a new brand of children’s school shoes was born – ‘Treads’!

We wondered what other innovative dad solutions might be out there, so we trawled the web to find out. Here are some of our favourite UK dad bloggers who write quirky, funny and helpful posts about parenting from the male perspective. Check these guys out…

Welcome to the Treads blog!

Typewriter, glasses & notebook from Shutterstock
Welcome to the brand new Treads blog!
Image: Anamul Haque Anik

Since our launch in March 2018, we’ve had thousands of customers trying out Treads shoes for themselves. We’ve loved hearing from our happy customers on social media, and wanted to share their experiences with you if you were undecided on whether to give Treads a try.

We’ve launched the Treads blog as a way to share customer stories, among a variety of other topics. Here’s just a few things that you can expect to see in this space over the coming months…